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Tattoo removal sunshine coast

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Revival Laser Clinic is located in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where we provide the highest quality tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, carbon peel services with highly skilled laser technicians who will create a custom treatment plan for you that will cater to your desired outcome. If that is complete removal or tattoo lighting for a cover up we can ensure minimal treatments saving you time and money.

We have the latest and most advanced Q-Switch Laser device which means the best results. 

Our clinic is highly professional, our staff are trained to the highest standards with a vast amount of experience and knowledge and we care about our clients, and strive to create a positive and safe environment. 

tattoo removal sunshine coast

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser devices are the most effective and advanced method for tattoo removal. Laser machines are most effective due to using very specific wavelengths of light that target the pigment in ink. Different colours require different wavelengths. The precise beam of the laser allows experienced technicians to follow the tattoo design without damaging the surrounding skin. Here at Revival Laser Clinic we use the latest laser technology for the best result in tattoo removal.


Laser Tattoo Removal has the ability to break down the ink molecules in your tattoo into smaller pieces and allows them to be absorbed into the bloodstream where your body will then flush it out of your system causing the ink to disappear.


This all depends and varies from person to person, taking into consideration:

  • size and colour intensity of the tattoo

  • type and colour of the ink used

  • depth of the ink in the skin

  • location of the tattoo

  • skin type

  • Has the tattoo been layered or is the current tattoo a cover-up

  • Does the tattoo contain scarring

Typically anywhere between 5-10 sessions is common. But some people need less and some people may need more.

Estimate how many treatments you may need with the scale below

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Common reactions to laser tattoo removal include:
  • heat or sunburn sensation
  • redness
  • swelling
  • scabbing
  • bruising
  • blisters
  • itching
We will provide post-laser instructions on how to care for the treated area after the application. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully and contact us if you have questions after the treatment.
It is very similar to treating a new tattoo. The better your post-laser care the better your outcome and result. 

This video shows you what tattoo removal treatment is like and what to expect.

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Revival Laser Clinic technicians are fully licenced & accredited with the QLD Health Department. 

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